Description of the project


The Erasmus+ Programme

The Erasmus+ programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work. The seven year programme will have a budget of €14.7 billion; a 40% increase compared to current spending levels, reflecting the EU's commitment to investing in these areas.

The Erasmus + program is intended to support education, training, youth and sport in all sectors of lifelong learning, including higher education, vocational training, adult education, school education, youth activities and training in the field of sport.
Erasmus+ brings together seven existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training, and Youth; it will for the first time provide support for Sport. As an integrated programme, Erasmus+ offers more opportunities for cooperation across the EducationTrainingYouth, and Sport sectors and is easier to access than its predecessors, with simplified funding rules.

Erasmus+ will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. The program will support transnational partnerships among Education, Training, and Youth institutions and organisations to foster cooperation and bridge the worlds of Education.


What is the International Credit Mobility (ICM)?

Erasmus+ now opens up these opportunities to students and staff from other parts of the world. The Credit Mobility can be defined as a limited period of study or training abroad (in the framework of on-going studies at a home institution) for the purpose of gaining credits. After the mobility phase, students return to their home institution, where the credits are recognized and they complete their studies. Since 2015, Erasmus+ funds International Credit Mobility, in addition to intra-European credit mobility (known until now as 'Erasmus mobility').

Under international credit mobility, a Higher Education Instituion (HEI) in a Partner Country can send its students, doctoral candidates or staff to a partner HEI in a Programme Country, and vice versa. Students or doctoral candidates are able to study abroad for a limited period of 3 to 12 months for which credits are obtained. After the mobility phase, the students return to their sending institution to complete their studies. Similarly, staff can spend a teaching and/or training period abroad for up to 2 months.

In this project, NOVA has agreements with Partner HEIs from 22 Partner countries.



The available scholarships for the 3rd call are:

Country NOVA Schools Partner Higher Education Institution Incoming Mobility Outgoing Mobility
SMS Staff SMS Staff
  • FCSH
Europena University in Tirana - - - 1
University of Tirana
  • FCT
University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene 2 3 1 3
Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • FCSH
  • FD
  • FCT
University of Bihac
Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar
University of Sarajevo
University of Tuzla
2 1 1 1
  • Nova SBE
American University in Cairo 1 2 - 1
  • FCT (Computer science)
  • FCSH (Communication; Political Sciences; International Relations, European Studies and Area Studies)
  • FD
  • Nova SBE
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) 2 1 4 2
  • FCT (Physical Sciences)
Weizmann Institute of Science
  • FCT (Engineering and Engineering trades)
Nazarbayev University - 1 - 2
  • FCSH
  • FCT (Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics; Engineering, manufacturing and construction)
  • FD
University of Montenegro 1 2 1 2
  • Nova SBE
ESCA Ecole de Management 4 3 4 3
University Al Akhawayn in Ifrane
  • ITQB
National School of Agriculture (ENA Meknes)
  • FCSH
Al-Quds University - 1 - 1
  • FCSH
  • FCT
  • FD
University of Kragujevac 2 - 1 3
University of Niš
University of Novi Sad
  • Nova SBE
Mediterranean School of Business 1 2 2 2
  • ITQB (Biological and related sciences)
University of California, Davis 4 7 5 8
Darmouth College
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • FCT (Biological and related sciences)
The City University of New York
University of Business and Technology - UBT 1 3 1 2


Country Thematic Field Partner Higher Education
Number of INCOMING
Mobility for Training
(Administrative Staff)
Number of OUTGOING
Mobility for Training
(Administrative Staff)
Ecuador International Relations Office;
Sport Office;
Entrepreneurship Office
Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar 1 1
Panama International Relations Office;
Sport Office;
Entrepreneurship Office
Universidad de Panamá 1 1


Financial Support


Travel distances Amount
Between 100 and 499 km 180€ per participant
Between 500 and 1999 km 275€ per participant
Between 2000 and 2999 km 360€ per participant
Between 3000 and 3999 km 530€ per participant
Between 4000 and 7999 km 820€ per participant
8000 km or more 1100€ per participant

Important: these unit costs represent the linear distance between the city where the university of origin and the city where the host university are located. This is calculated automatically by a website indicated by the European Commission and cannot be subject to any change. The financial support allocated to the "travel distance" is the maximum allowed by the Erasmus+ Programme and is intended to contribute to the round trip back between the home and host institutions. In the event that the assigned value is insufficient to pay for the desired trip, the scholarship holder must find another sources of funding.



STUDENTS mobility
(Studies - SMS)
Mobility periods: 3 to 5 months
Origin Host Country Monthly allowance
Eligible Partner Countries Portugal (Programme Country – Group 2) 800 EUR / month
Programme Country Partner Country 650 EUR / month
STAFF mobility
(Academic Staff- STA)

Mobility periods: 5 working days, plus 2 days for travel.

The per diem amount for Staff:
- From the programme countries to the partner countries: 160 EUR
- From the partner countries to the programme countries: 120 EUR

STAFF mobility
(Administrative Staff - STT)



Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (UNL) will provide a health, accident and travel insurance to every selected Student, valid during the entire mobility period.

For academic and administrative staff, the UNL Team will reimburse the Participant with an amount that can go up to 1,50 € per day of mobility. This reimbursement will be conditioned to presentation of copy of receipt/invoice of the insurance arranged by the Participant for the mobility.

For the ICM NOVA 2017-2019 the funded mobility have a duration of minimum 3 months up to 5 months